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Samstag, 29. März 2014

In the Navy - Teil 02 - English

In the Navy
Maybe nothing more than a cock-and-bull story
© 05/2013 Coyote/Kojote/Mike Stone


Part 01
Part 02



Only a couple of hours after having sex with not only one, but two beautiful women on board of their ship in the crews quarters - a scenario that before would have been too hilarious to even dream about for me - I found myself visiting the Norwegian town of Stavanger.
I didn’t see much of it though, because my attention was completely focused on the girl at my side.

Hand in hand, we had left her ship to get some private time away from wary eyes. Especially those of Kristanna’s sister. At least I suspected so.
We had visited a bar and got a drink, but we both found it too loud to talk and too crowded to enjoy the company of each other the way we wanted. Or at least the way I longed for.
Kristanna apparently felt just the same and dragged me out of there soon.

We were on our way to somewhere. I think she had a destination in mind, but I didn’t care at all. I only wanted to look at her every two seconds or so to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.
Feeling her fingers in my hand did help, but there were other reasons to look at her. Like… her beauty. And the way she looked back and smiled. And stuff…

We were heavily distracted, which turned out to be a bad idea.
When three guys stepped up in front of us, I realized this. My first thought was, we could have avoided it by taking another route. Looking into the face of the one in the middle, I already was in doubt about this possibility.
He had waited for us and he wasn’t alone.

I was pleased to see the bruise at his jaw. I had only given him one punch, but apparently it had been a good one.
Not as pleasing were the two tall guys accompanying him. In fact, the way the scowled at me was the polar opposite of ‘pleasing.’
From the moment the trio stepped into sight, I had a very bad feeling about how this would possibly end. A concern, which proved to be right....

Kristanna stepped forward and confronted her Ex without showing any fear.
She didn’t wait for him to speak up. She apparently had a pretty clear impression of what this was about. She immediately started yelling at him in Norwegian; her tone and the waving gestures she made implied that she tried to chase him away.
Unfortunately, whatshisname didn’t give a shit about what she did or said. He tried to speak to her twice. When she wouldn’t listen, he decided to do the one thing I really couldn’t stand: He pushed her to the side.

Kristanna yelped and stumbled; she tried to keep her balance, but failed and fell to her knees.
As I said before, I had this chivalrous streak in me back then. I wasn’t confident or cool or anything, but I did act upon my urges pretty often. And things like this urged me into rather stupid actions.
Chris-whatever and his buddies watched my girlfriend for a week fall and were distracted, but even if they had been closing in I wouldn’t have hesitated. Without thinking, I repeated what had worked once, and this time I was able to put my whole weight into the fist I planted right into the motherfuckers face.

It hurt like hell when I broke, or at least disjointed, his nose. I actually thought I might have broken something in my hand, too; but if his loud scream was any indicator, it hurt him more.
He stumbled back and fell onto his butt while yelling and holding his face in his palms. I shook my hand, cursed and thought about looking after Kristanna, but I didn’t get the chance.

The two companions of that asshole reacted pretty fast after their buddy was out of the picture. One of them caught my attention with calling me names and the other took advantage of my distracted state.
I hadn’t been in many fights until then and I was about to learn an important lesson regarding the importance of not completely concentrating on one of two opponents right there and then. Unfortunately, the lesson came a second too late to make any good of it. At the same instance, I also learned a thing or two about honorable behavior and its worth in an actual fight.

The whole body of asshole number two slammed into my side before I even realized he was jumping into my direction. He tackled me and brought me down hard.
I lost my breath when hitting the ground and that gave him the opportunity to get over me. His fists said hello to my stomach three times and to my ribs twice, while I couldn’t get my wits together to do anything about it.
This whole thing could have gotten much worse though, if Kristanna hadn’t had a real brain behind her angelic face. After trying to stop the guy kneeling on top of me and getting caught by number three, she screamed for help. And she did it in German!

In hindsight, she probably couldn’t have done any better.
Maybe some Norwegians would have helped, maybe not; but at this time of the evening, there were about one hundred German sailors out in the streets. Most of them were not far away, since there was only this one street with bars to go to.
Hearing a female cry for help in German brought a couple of them to the spot in no time. The first thing they did was to secure the guy who was beating somebody into the ground.

One of my comrades helped me to my feet, two others were holding my fist-happy new ‘friend’ and three more were facing number three, Kristanna and whatshisname. The tension was at its maximum for a moment.
By chance, one of my comrades on the scene was a higher-ranking petty officer. He tried to do the right thing and order us back to the ship, but my girl - my girlfriend - was in the clutches of her Ex and his buddy. So that’s what I told him.

Again, this could have gotten much worse. None of my guys would have let me down on this and we outnumbered the others now. Once more, it was Kristanna who rescued the situation.
She was already struggling against the one who was holding her and eventually she got the leverage to kick back and hit home with her heel. Even I winced sympathetically when the guy howled like a banshee and grounded out, while holding his crown jewels.

I forgot about all that just a few tenths of a second later, when Kristanna reached me and hugged me fiercely. It hurt, but… in a good way!
She didn’t say anything, but clung to me, even when one of our lower ranking officers reached the scene and demanded attention. Of course, he tried to find out what had happened and of course, he didn’t get any more answers after it was apparent that the Norwegians were in the Navy, too.
Them being some real fucked up assholes wasn’t anything that qualified as a reason to get any superiors involved.

Our lieutenant didn’t buy the story about the real nasty case of bad luck that was responsible for one Norwegian falling onto his nose, another one falling onto his balls and me falling onto my chest. Yet he couldn’t do anything about it and finally scurried away.
My comrades hesitated to go back to their business. I didn’t fill them in to what was the reason for the rumble; it was pretty clearly something about me being with a Norwegian girl. They would have gotten protective and kinda clingy, if not for Kristanna… again.

“I’ll take care of him,” she told them. “And I doubt that he’ll want any bystanders when I show him my gratitude.”

She managed to say that in a way that even the least fluent in English understood very clearly.
Laughing, they left after patting my shoulders and telling me to have fun - and how to have that, how often it would have to be if I didn’t want to bring shame on the German Navy and so on….
And I… God… I felt so fucking good I can’t even describe.

I mean… I wasn’t that kind of guy, y’know?
I didn’t get into fights about girls, and they didn’t cling to me as if I was the only solid thing in a hurricane. Especially not if they were just plain gorgeous - like Kristanna - and very clearly able to defend themselves - like Kristanna.
I was the guy who could count on not getting laid nine out of ten times. I was the guy who really went out of his way to avoid fights out of fear of getting hurt.

Yet there I stood and felt like… friggin Conan.
Apart of the both of us being clothed a little too much, the picture was oddly fitting the situation. I almost wished Luis Royo had been there to make some drafts.
Uhm... Didn’t I mention being a nerd before? Sorry.

Alas… There was one thing I wasn’t very proud of, and I had to apologize for that.
“I’m sorry I didn’t catch you when he pushed you to the side. I hope your knees don’t hurt to bad?”

Kristanna lifted her head from my chest and looked up into my face. I haven’t seen such an expression of utter disbelief on a face very often.
“Are you kidding me?” she asked, looking stunned.

I frowned and worried about what I may have gotten wrong. Was it that apparent that her legs were hurting and I didn’t realize? Had I missed something else?

“You just got beaten up and worry about my knees?” she gasped disbelievingly.

“I only caught a couple of punches…” I tried to downplay, but she frowned and brushed over my ribcage.
Fuck! That hurt!

“I think you need a special treatment,” she said with a mischievous tone in her voice. “I know a place for that. May I use your phone?”

It was apparent that I carried my cell with me. I kept it stowed away in one of those fancy mobile pockets made of leather on my belt.
Yeah… I already mentioned not being cool in any meaning of the word, didn’t I?

I nodded to her question. I didn’t understand what she was talking about, but there was a tremble in her voice and a sparkle in her eyes taking any urge to resist away. Whatever she had in mind, I was game.
I listened to her talking to somebody in a really persuasive way. I thought I heard a female voice answering, but I couldn’t be sure. That question got answered later, though.
After a minute or two, she had apparently gotten what she wanted and asked me if I felt able to pick up our little walk again. I didn’t object.

“You really shouldn’t have done that,” she mentioned after a while.

We were walking slowly and heading away from the ships and into the town. She was by my side and had her arm around my waist while I hugged her shoulders.
Do I have to mention that I felt really good, even if my upper body reminded me on the beating I had received from time to time?

“He pushed you,” I explained. “He was not only being rude. He pushed my… girlfriend.”

“I like the sound of that,” she answered, looking up to me and smiling. “Don’t hesitate to say that as often as you want to.”

“Wouldn’t it sound a bit stupid if I started and ended all my sentences with ‘my girlfriend’?”

“Sound stupid then. I wouldn’t mind,” she suggested with a grin, but then she got serious again. “Nobody has ever done something like that for me, Mike.”

I stopped and turned her to face me. I really knew a thing or two about this.
For once not doubting in doing the right thing, I took her face into my hands and looked into her eyes.

“I’d do it again and I’d do a lot more for you. Not because you were especially kind to me. Not because you coaxed me into fucking your sister, but because of….”
I trailed of a bit. Not really in a loss of words, but in an attempt not to use the wrong ones.
“Because I really like you very much,” I ended.

I was actually pretty confident that I had done that right and the wet shimmer in her eyes supported that.
She reached up and I met her halfway to kiss her lightly. Then she hugged me, consciously aware of my bruising, and murmured something in Norwegian in a voice of mixed playfulness and seriousness.

“What was that?” I asked

“Nothin’,” she mumbled into my shirt.

I picked up on the mere hint of just a little more playfulness in her tone.
“It didn’t sound like nothing.”

“I probably shouldn’t tell you, because you could feel compelled to act on that, but….”
Her fingers slowly crawled up my back, until she reached my neck. I followed her light pull until her mouth was right at my ear.
“You fighting for me is… incredibly hawt!”

She only whispered those words, but the urgency and hunger in her voice made me shiver.
I couldn’t actually believe that, could I? Oh… I really wanted to believe it, but that was just… cliché, wasn’t it?

“Actually it was more like me getting beaten up.”
Yup, I really answered exactly that.

“You broke the nose of the biggest bastard I know,” she disagreed and took the opportunity to softly bite into my earlobe.
“And you knocked him out. Twice.”

Her breath, and what her mouth did to one surprisingly sensitive part of my body I hadn’t previously known to be an actual erogenous zone, really tore apart any resistance I could rally.

“It took two guys of the KJK to put you down,” she added, “and they had to cheat….”

Well… this was some new information for me, but it made sense that those two bullies were soldiers from the Kystjegerkommandoen - the Norwegian Marines.
Playing punching ball for one of them wasn’t exactly something to be proud of, but it wasn’t much to be ashamed of either. That I had gotten some close combat training to act as part of boarding detachments didn’t really mean that I was combat hardened - I was a somewhat nerdy radar operator, after all.
And hey… They did cheat, didn’t they?!

Kristanna grabbed one of my hands and led it to the fullness of her breast. She directed my touch to the center, where I found her nipple hard like a pebble.

“That’s because of you,” she concluded.

I really couldn’t think clearly anymore.
The gorgeous brunette already had this effect on me whenever she was present. Getting told and shown in such a direct way that I was responsible for what felt like high arousal was a little too much to bear.
I moaned and I probably growled as well. My hand grabbed her boob and my arm around her back pulled her closer. She only squealed delighted and brought her head back far enough to kiss me passionately.

“Let’s hurry to get there,” she acclaimed with quickened breathing.

I couldn’t have cared less for actually where or what ‘there’ was. I only hoped it would be very close.

We hurried through the dark streets of Stavanger and I didn’t give the beauty of this cute little town the credit it deserved. I only noticed that the streets were narrow and winded and had cobblestone pavement.
Most of my consciousness was engrossed by the woman who held my hand and dragged me through a foreign town in a foreign country with unknown intent.
I wasn’t the least afraid regarding said intent, though. I was pretty much looking forward to whatever she had in mind.

We reached one of the smaller houses around. When she simply opened the door, I should have been surprised. I wasn’t used to front doors being unlocked, but I think I didn’t really realize it before much later.
We entered a small apartment. It was only one large room with a table, a queen sized bed and a kitchenette. There was just one other door probably leading into a bathroom.
I’d like to say something about the style of this living space, given that I kinda made friends with the person living here and considering the time I spent there, but I just never got the time to really have a look at it.

Kristanna called: “Lynn?”
At least I thought it was ‘Lynn’ back then.

When nobody answered, she reached for my cell phone again. I didn’t care that she didn’t ask me.
She needed less than a minute to text something and put it back in place. Then she led me through the room and stopped me in front of the bed.

“You. Don’t. Do. Anything.”

She punctuated every word and demanded obedience. And I… was happy to oblige, even if I didn’t know exactly what she was up to.
She filled me in on this and made her point when she started to open my belt buckle and I raised my hands to help her.

“Not a thing,” she repeated with a slap on my fingers.

A little surprised I jerked my hands out of her way and accidently brushed her tits.

“Hah,” she gasped. “Maybe except for that. Feel free to do that anytime.”

My astonished expression had her widely grinning when she concentrated again on undressing me. I was so out of my mind for the moment that I didn’t do anything until I was butt naked. Except for twitching twice when she softly brushed over my quickly erecting cock.
My gorgeous lover - I couldn’t possibly get enough of that thought - directed me to lie down on the bed and started to undress herself. Apart from watching her in awe, I got some explanation about the goings on now.

“I planned to walk you to somewhere and get ravaged by you again in the open, when we left the pub,” she said, while I watched her shirt come off and admired her glorious boobs once again.
“It isn’t that cold and I’d have kept you warm.”

I looked up to her sparkling eyes and realized that I had been staring at her chest like I had never seen breasts before, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she appeared to be very pleased with the effect her body had on me.

“But as my personal hero and being badly hurt as you are,” she teased, “I just decided to indulge you… very copiously.”

I didn’t answer anything, the ability to speak being ripped from my brain at exactly the moment her pants came down and her pubic area presented itself glistening wet in the light of the bedside lamp.
She hadn’t been kidding when she told me about her arousal. I may have doubted that, even when presented with her hardened nipple under my palm, but I couldn’t question it now. It was really obvious.
And… it was because of… me!

“Wow,” I breathed.
Ja… I know what I said about the ability to speak, but it wasn’t exactly my brain talking, y’know?!

“You’re welcome,” she purred and simply climbed over the toe board of the bed.

To me it was like an angel rising up above my feet and standing in all her glory for a moment.
I had seen her naked, yes, and I had fucked her only hours ago, but… she was just so absolutely stunning I couldn’t believe I had. Even being there didn’t suffice as evidence.

Yet… this wasn’t a wet dream, it was real. She showed me how real when she got on her knees and placed her hands on my lower legs. Her expression was affectionate. Her lips were parted and shimmering from a slight wetness. Her breathing - a little quickened. Her nipples were protruding very clearly from her breasts on which her arms had a very nice effect; they got pushed together and a bit up.
What mattered most though was the look in her eyes. They too spoke of affection and intimacy, and they also showed raw lust. Even I couldn’t get that wrong.

I parted my legs when she began to slowly move up into my direction. She stopped me with her hands and lowered her upper body to touch my skin with her boobs.

“You aren’t allowed to move tonight,” she repeated. “The only exception being any urge to touch something you’d like to touch for your own pleasure. Copied?”

“Roger,” I answered automatically.
I didn’t need any brain to answer military slang. That’s the point of all the training, isn’t it?

“Regarding those ‘something’s’ there are no limits tonight,” she moved on. “Absolutely none. Copied?”

I nodded since my throat went dry. Even the mentioned training only goes so far….
There was an utterly serious tone in her alluring voice and her words fired my imagination. I would have dared to ask for one or two examples of things I’d have considered debatable to this rule, but she shook her head before I even could take a breath.

“None, Mike,” she clarified again. “You want it, you get it, and I’ll love it. Promise!”

She gave me a smile with her promise that could have possibly melted both polar caps at the same time.

“Everything in this bed exists for your pleasure tonight and I want you not to hold back that pleasure. Give in, don’t hold back. Don’t dare to hold anything back. Copied?”

I hesitated to nod this time. Of course, the mere thought of giving in to her offer was appealing. No, ‘appealing’ isn’t nearly strong enough to describe the allure of her offer. I already started to feel selfish by only thinking about it.

“I’ll plead,” she cooed. “I’ll beg. I’ll sue. I’ll even pray. You already know that you will finally give in. So just let’s skip that….”
Then, almost as an afterthought, she added: “Except you’d like me to start pleading immediately that is. Then I’d love to oblige…”

How was I supposed to get out of that corner?
And… why should I even try?

Kristanna made an effort to keep my brain undersupplied with blood. She brushed her nipples over the skin of my thighs and shifted her lower body over my right leg to slowly come down with it.
The whole thing became a wet dream when her pubes made contact with my shin and I felt her wetness. I couldn’t do anything to resist moaning. It felt incredibly hot and sexy.

“I’ll take that for a yes,” she breathed, “and I’ll reward your cooperation with a kiss.”

Somehow, this led me to expect her to slide up to reach my face. Awaiting to feel her skin almost everywhere I actually closed my eyes and therefore totally missed what was coming.
She did slide up a bit, until her breasts reached my raging hard-on. I shuddered with delight when feeling two soft boobs there for the first time of my life. It was one heavenly experience.
What I missed completely, was her keeping that contact, but leaning back again just a little bit. I also missed the meaning of hot breath brushing the tip of my cock. I didn’t miss the wet hotness of her lips closing over my glans, though. How could I?

Of course, I gasped and jerked in surprise. I ripped my eyes open and started trembling, but the reaction of my lower body was clearly controlled by instinct, since I’d never consciously dared to actually jerk that part of my body upwards.
The immediate effect of that was even more breathtaking, since it resulted in sliding my dick halfway into her awaiting mouth while she tightly closed her lips around it. It was like… dunno. Really.
I didn’t have any comparisons handy. I hadn’t experienced any blowjobs to begin with and almost anything this girl did was out of comparison anyway. It was just fucking awesome.

Kristanna moaned happily instead of being upset. She took the opportunity to bring her hands under my butt cheeks the precise moment they jerked up, as if she had waited for that.
I would have apologized immediately for being rude, but she didn’t give me any chance. Instead, she lowered her head further and took even more of me. She kept her lips tightly closed, sucked a little and played with her tongue at the underside of my shaft.
I’m sure I would have blown my load exactly then, but thanks to what had happened earlier that day there was no pressure anymore. So I could and had to experience the whole thing.

And by referring to the ‘whole thing’ I clearly mean exactly that.
Kristanna didn’t stop at two thirds or three quarters. Her mouth took me inside until I felt the tip of her nose on my pubes and further until it pressed into my pubis. She took me completely until I felt her lips at the very base of my cock and its tip got enclosed very tightly in her throat.
I could do nothing but deeply moan and crash my head back onto the pillow. My hands were searching for something to grip and hold onto for dear life, and my mind was simply gone elsewhere and left me to just feel and enjoy without any conscious thought.

She held close for what felt like a long time and swallowed a couple of times, massaging the upper part of my dick in the process like… well, again I didn’t have any comparisons.
All I could do was to moan louder every time she did it and try to hold onto my rapidly slipping sanity. She absolutely drove me mad with this, which didn’t get better when she slowly lifted again. It was a little different then, but nonetheless extremely intense and fucking amazing.

When she finally left my glans with the sound of a wet kiss, I was panting like I had been sprinting five kilometers or so. I was seeing stars before my closed lids and felt dizzy.

“I reckon you like that,” she gasped, clearly out of breath.

I could only nod.

“So… How often do you think we could go on with that until you cum into my throat and let me taste your spunk?”

I couldn’t keep my eyes shut on that. I had to look down to her.
The sight of her beaming face just above my cock, soaked in her saliva, was breathtaking. Her eyes were a little watery and her chin was dripping. Her lips were slightly parted and when she saw me watching her she darted out with her tongue to lick lightly over my frenulum.
The view was clearly something taken from a high quality porn video and the feeling made me shudder with pleasure. Apart of that, I must have been looking dumbstruck, because she grinned softly.

“I’ll have to find out by myself then,” she whispered. “Just keep looking at me like that, please. And use a hand to guide me a little in pleasuring you, will ya?”

I was beyond arguing. Thoughts about respect, mutual giving of pleasure and decency found themselves expelled from my head and had to discuss their issues somewhere else. She actually wanted that, didn’t she? So why bother?
I had to put together some wits to gain enough control over one hand to reach for her head. I couldn’t resist caressing the side of her face down to her jaw line, picking up some of the wetness there.

“Oops,” she said, grinning wickedly. “Let me take care of that.”

With this, she wrapped her lips around the wet fingers and sucked on them as if they were a Popsicle. The feeling clearly echoed in my loins. Then she released my hand and closed in on my dick again.

“Fuck my mouth, Mike”, she purred. “Don’t hold anything back.”

Again, she sucked my cock into her mouth. This time with me watching and her holding my gaze the whole time.
Gripping her head was more like searching for something to hold to, than to give any guidance. I wouldn’t have known how to guide her anyway. I was completely enraptured and under her control, even with her doing something solely for my pleasure.

Or was she actually getting something out it?
Kristanna was using my leg to grind her pussy against it. She was coating it with her wetness. I could clearly feel that, as well as her occasional trembling.
Maybe she really liked sucking me off. I had loved licking her after all.

The returning ability to think got blown away - literally.
There was no way not to concentrate on her mouth and only her mouth, when she bottomed out again. This time I saw her fighting a little. Tears welled up in her eyes and the swallowing seemed to be somewhat involuntary, but it had the same effect on me nonetheless.
If anything, the added visuals made the whole thing even hotter. Watching Kristanna fighting with breathing and swallowing, because she wanted to do this for me, immensely added to the whole experience.

When she had to give up, I would have applauded, if I could have mustered enough consciousness, but she got it anyway. It must have been something clearly showing in my wide eyes and on my astonished face.
This time she grabbed my shaft when moving up and rubbed along the slickness a couple of times. I found out that the sound of that really turned me on, as did the strings of saliva connecting her lips with my cock, when she released me from her mouth once again.

“Keep staring like this and I will get off myself,” she rasped.
The treatment she gave me appeared to be a bit rough on her throat.

I didn’t answer and she apparently didn’t expect me to, since she locked her wet lips around my glans again and used her hand to seriously wank me a couple of times. The slickness made the whole thing really nasty and unbelievably hot.
When I softly started pushing her head further down, it didn’t register as conscious in my head. But Kristanna moaned happily and followed that hint zealously. Without any hesitation, she allowed me to guide her down again, shuddering when my grip tightened from the intensity of being in her throat once more.

I really didn’t intend to hold her down there. It just happened.
It took me a couple of seconds to finally realize that she started to fight the urge to come up for air and a break. Her hands were clawing the skin of my thighs painfully. She tensed, but didn’t push up. When I understood, I yanked her head back up almost violently.
Her panicked panting for air got me worried, but the same time her uncontrolled drooling and trembling turned me on even more than before.

“Yesss!” she finally hissed. “Treat that slut the way she deserves!”

Well… the way she deserved was something completely different. I knew and she knew that I thought that way. How she wanted this to happen was the delicious flipside of this coin. I was slowly coming to terms with her generous offer of indulgence.
I didn’t want to be abusive, but getting told to play in a certain way was something I could relate to. Being with someone who asked for getting treated rough was unsettling… and somehow very appealing. I wasn’t proud of getting so immensely turned on by the whole thing, but it happened anyway. And apparently, my arousal was welcome….

Kristanna didn’t wait for me to get a grip on that. She went for my cock way before I would have thought her to be ready again.
She didn’t go down very far this time. In fact, she just teased me and bucked her head against my indecisive grip a couple of times. When I decided to push a bit, she resisted and made a show of trying to break free. Just without really using any of the leverage I left her, when I got insecure as to how to handle the situation.

“Give way once when a girl backs away and you are a gentleman,” she finally hissed. “Give way when she goes for it again and you are a fool.”
Her look was fiercely aggressive, when she looked up.
“A lady will back away, when her decency is threatened. If she comes to you again and teases you, force her into submission like the slut she is.”

I was staring wide-eyed at her explaining that to me. I couldn’t really believe a word back then, but I got a first hint on a concept I’d understand much later.
Back then, it only dawned to me that she wanted me to play along and since she had worked on me pretty well, I came to terms with doing what she apparently longed for. Even if I had my qualms with treating a woman like that.

“Just fucking use me,” she growled.

And I did!
I was aroused beyond worrying and every single action of her was aimed on getting me past my personal code of conduct, at least for the moment. She was working with experience and determination on that.

I pushed her down again and this time I took up with her struggle against it. She tried to get her head up with force and had the leverage of both her arms, but I was a rather strong guy and she was athletic and lithe, but no match to my strength.
It was a serious struggle, even if she could have broken free easily by dodging to the side. Yet she didn’t really want to escape. She apparently just wanted me to manhandle her.

To be perfectly honest: I enjoyed that. Maybe it was some kind of instinct taking over or something, but without all my usual thoughts about right or wrong behavior coming into the way I really got into this game.
Kristanna used her lips and tongue expertly all the while trying to push up against my hand. I didn’t let her. I really used her mouth for my pleasure and I finally got into her throat again.

What she did to me then was almost cruel. And so incredibly hot
When I had her down all the way, she stopped struggling and gave up. Instead, she started looking up to me in such a pitiful way that it should have been forbidden by some law.
The thing with that was that it got me even hotter, instead of bothered. So I didn’t let go of my hold.

It may have been more than a minute of holding her down and feeling her swallowing. She tensed again and I could clearly see her eyes losing focus a bit, but I didn’t lift her up. I just concentrated of the feeling of my cum starting to boil in my balls.
When I finally released her, tears were running freely over her cheeks and she needed about half a minute to catch her breath. She was panting frantically and only did one other thing; but it was enough to convince me that everything was alright, since it was her pussy grinding hard on my lower leg.

The second she felt the least ready again, she came for my dick by herself and our game started over. This time with even more determination on my side, since I was already close.
I wanted to get into her throat once again. I wouldn’t need much more than that, but she didn’t make it easy for me. In effect I got closer with every motion, but I really wanted to come deep down inside her.

“Stop struggling!” I snarled, without thinking it through. “Take it there!”

I didn’t expect anything out of saying that. I hadn’t even wanted to say it loud. It was just something born in the heat of the moment, part of the game, but Kristanna immediately stopped her resistance and gulped me down to the hilt.
She started swallowing and looked up pleadingly, as if to beg me to give it to her - which happened anyway. Holding back wasn’t an option anymore.

Cumming inside her throat almost blacked me out. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.
It felt like my load shot up and then couldn’t quite get out because of the tightness around my glans. The pressure rose and then it felt like my cockhead exploded. Together with some military grade explosives inside of my head.
I fell back and maybe even howled in ecstasy.

It didn’t get better for something like hours on my internal clock. Or maybe I should say it didn’t get worse, because it was single handedly the best feeling imaginable.
Kristanna rode it out with me, swallowed apparently everything and didn’t even get any problems with breathing anymore. Maybe because my cock shrunk a little after release.
She just remained in that position for a very long time and softly played with her tongue at the underside of my slowly flattening dick, while I caught my breath and recovered from something that had shaken my world.

When I was mentally back into business again, I immediately started worrying about what I had done and said. She sensed that, maybe through my hand stirring in her hair or something. So she released my softened member from her mouth and crawled up to cover my body with hers and face me.
She took a breath to say something, but I just stared into her face covered with tears, saliva and maybe a hint of sperm in the corners of the mouth. Then I hugged her tightly and kissed her.
She yelped and squealed loudly and tried to escape for a split second before giving in with a deep moan. After getting over being surprised, she took control of the kiss very quickly and made it into something utterly passionate and fierce. Pressed together and completely oblivious to anything but ourselves we kept that going for a long time.

Kristanna settled herself comfortably on top of me afterwards. Her sex was in direct contact with my flaccid dick and emanated heat and moisture, but for the moment I was spent and she accepted that.
Instead of getting raunchy, we opted for cuddling and soft stroking and kissing for the moment. It was exactly what I needed then and apparently I wasn’t the only one…

“Y’know what?” she whispered into my ear, her head resting on my shoulder.


“This is even better than you losing control and simply fucking my throat.”

“Uh… Yeah… That…” I stammered. “I didn’t mean to…”

“I did mean to get fucked by you that way,” she interjected. “But I didn’t expect this to happen afterwards…” her voice grew a little anxious at the end.

“You didn’t expect to cuddle after… uhm… giving the most amazing head imaginable?” I wondered.

“I really like the sound of that,” she purred and trembled a bit. “But that’s exactly what I mean.
It’s like… well… you aren’t supposed to be so friggin adorable. You can’t just change from being the cute and a little insecure guy to that superman who kicks the butt of my shitty Ex, and back to the one I can take by the hand and lead everywhere I want.
Plus, it’s especially unfair to be so fucking rough and incredibly hot and immediately change back into that adorable guy who doesn’t give a shit about the drool and spunk in my face and just kisses me.
How am I supposed to resist that?”

I was more than a little dumbstruck for a moment and didn’t quite get what she was after.
“I didn’t… I… just…”

“Oh, shut up,” she hissed and kissed me.
She was grinning, but even though there was a hint of something else in her voice and her eyes.
“Shut up and sleep with me…”

It was the title of a rather new and popular song - at least in Germany. Apparently, it wasn’t unknown in Norway, too, but Kristanna made it into something completely unrelated to disco music. Despite the fact that I had found release twice this day - the last time dating back less than half an hour - I felt a stirring in my loins.
I’d have said something about being not sure if I could, however, but she didn’t stop kissing me. In addition, she started writhing on top of me in a very enticing way. So I just shrugged mentally and started fondling her myself.

There is a certain quality in holding a beautiful girl in ones arms and caressing her back from her shoulders down to her phenomenal ass; and it doubles when she has large enough breasts to press to ones chest and add just the right pressure, while she uses her hands to roam freely everywhere she can reach.
Kristanna had it all and she also had her hot and needful pussy close to my resting cock, to lure my member back to life. She had her hungry mouth to nibble on my lips, not to mention her sweet, little tongue to lick and chase its counterpart around.
Yet the most effective weapon in her astounding arsenal was her brain. With all the things, she easily deduced about me, it was something I had no chance to resist.

“I’d like to feel that cock of yours rise again”, she whispered between kisses. “I’d love to feel him getting up and knocking onto my pussy with his thick head. I’d let him in then, y’know? I bet I couldn’t suppress moaning when he enters. I fucking loved it last time that huge boner entered me. Maybe I’d scream right then like a wanton slut.”

It was me who couldn’t hold back a moan when I listened to her. I didn’t know shit about dirty talk, but that wasn’t as much dirty as it was simply alluring. It affected me and it clearly affected my dick!

“I think I could actually come right when he enters me,” she went on. “I’m so hot for it right now. I could possibly die if I don’t get him soon.
You wouldn’t have that, would you? You wouldn’t want to explain the death of an allied soldier from starving for your cock, when you could have simply saved her by sticking it in, would you?”

She wouldn’t let me answer anything of that. Every time I tried, she kissed me before going on and eliciting new moans from my throat. But this was a game with no loser.
Things got even more steamy when she slid a little lower and placed her pussy lips directly on my slowly stiffening member. She was really hot down there and practically dripping.

“Don’t get me pleading on my knees for it. Leave me the last bit of dignity, will ya? Just be a little generous with your little bitch in heat and fuck her with your gorgeous cock, even if she doesn’t really deserve it.
Or maybe better yet like she deserves it? Hard and rough and deep, deep down into her needy pussy. Until you ground out…”

She used her whole body to slide up and down and coat my dick in her juices, while rubbing her breasts on my chest. I was already panting with desire long before my hard-on was back into action. It was a slow rise, but it really happened. Which was amazing in itself, for I had never thought of myself as particularly potent.

“I’ll scream for you so loud, they will hear it back on the ships; and I’ll come hard again and again. They’ll say: listen up. There this fucking bastard with the huge dick fucks that wanton slut craving for his cock. Why does he get every pussy? And if they ask me, I’ll answer: because he fucking deserves it. Because he has this amazing tool, which gets me, wet by only thinking about it. Because he earned the right to use me like he wants to, by being gentle and rough at precisely the right times. Because he fucks my mind and body exactly the way I like.”

Talking about fucking minds there, that was exactly what she did to me; and it worked!
By then I was hard again and she felt it between her pussy lips. The friction was amazing, even if it was extremely slick from her freely flowing juices down there. By now, she couldn’t suppress moaning on her own, maybe because she pressed her clit onto something hard enough to rub against. Or maybe just because she was looking forward to the next step to be taken.
I dared to take a little more control over the situation by grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her up a bit. My cock sprang free from between our bodies and decided to point up and press his head exactly where it was needed.

“Yesss!” she breathed. “That’s it, Mike. I… Ouhhh!”

I didn’t wait for her to further spur me on. I couldn’t get any more ready. When I pushed her down and myself up she gasped loudly and her eyes rolled back.
Again, I entered her tight pussy and again I felt like I just had entered heaven. The difference to our first time being, that I actually believed now what was happening. So I could completely concentrate on the feeling and on her reaction.

Kristanna was a snug fit for me. Entering her pussy was like slowly pushing up into the heat of a volcano. The dripping wet heat that is. Oh, fuck those comparisons!
She shuddered when my cockhead pushed inside and she didn’t stop shaking afterwards. Her demeanor changed from being the one in control to being the one panting and moaning uncontrollably. She almost went rigid and melted into my embrace at the same time and her hands grabbed my head.
I loved looking into her face with her mouth opened a little and her eyes now closed. Her expression spoke of pure passion. Because of me and what I did to her. I couldn’t get enough of that!

“Oh…” she begged. “Oh-oh-oh! Don’t stop. Ram it in, please!”

I happily obliged. I had long since stopped to question her commands. Fulfilling her needs and answering her pleading was even more rewarding.
Pushing up hard and shoving her down at the same time elicited a scream form her. Our bodies crashed together and we both pressed hard to intensify it even more. I longed for getting as deep into her as I could and she craved for me filling her up. It was a perfect fit.
Kristanna lost it right there and then. She stopped speaking English and changed to her native tongue. Yet she remained with being very vocal about how she felt. I got the rough meaning simply by her tone, which wasn’t hard to interpret.

I took charge and used my hands on her ass to lift her up and push her down while using all leverage I could get for moving my hips in sync. She wasn’t helping the least, but I couldn’t complain about that, because seeing her in ecstasy was well worth it.
Being no expert, I couldn’t be sure, but I think she came right then for the first time, even before I had really picked up speed.

I felt great. There was this brunette beauty clinging to my body and screaming while getting rocked back and forth. Her pussy slid up and down on my cock and twitched around my shaft again and again, but I was in no danger of coming soon. I could completely focus on her and drink the whole experience in.
Her head was stretched back and she was oblivious. Concentrating only on my flesh ravishing her body. Sweat broke through her skin and slowly covered her in a wet sheen. As was the case with me, but I didn’t even really notice.

I was determined, even if I didn’t know to what exactly. It got clearer when her panting and moaning got frantic, though. Then I realized that I was fucking her into another orgasm, but this time it had to be something big. I wanted it to be.
I remembered what Aurora had told me in the afternoon. There was no doubt that she had been right, so I started to fuck Kristanna even harder. I shoved her down onto my body roughly and jerked up at the same moment to meet her as hard as I could.
She wailed and finally her upper body arched back, her hands painfully clawing my neck.

I couldn’t miss this orgasm. Her pussy gripped my dick so fiercely that I couldn’t move it anymore. I stopped deep inside her and supported her with one hand at her shoulder, while she rode it out.
I felt like minutes of pure bliss until she fell back onto my chest and stared breathing again. Her skin glistened and was slick against mine. She still trembled.
Man… did I feel great!

“How did you know?” she finally asked weekly, breathing against the side of my throat.

“Know what?” I asked.

“When to start hammering me the way you did,” she explained. “It was perfect timing. I was just thinking about how to let you know and you started doing it.”

“I… uhm… remembered something Aurora said, but I didn’t think about timing,” I admitted.

“You’re just to fucking good to be fucking true,” she sighed. “You didn’t cum yet, did you?”

I softly shook my head no.

“Then you’ll have to fuck me again. I’ll try to hold back with cumming until you are ready. I can’t make any promises, though.”

Yeah, she really said that and it registered, but this time I felt nothing but pride. For the moment I was in wonderland and didn’t bother myself with quarreling about feeling like superman’s little brother.
When she started rocking her body just a little bit to get things started again, I decided that I would like to change positions. Instead of trying to explain it to her, I just did it for once.
Kristanna squealed, when I put my arm around her back and turned, but she adjusted quickly and wrapped her legs and arms around my body. It wasn’t difficult to get on top of her that way.

“Gods”, she gasped. “Really, no promises! If you treat me like this I’m already on the edge again.”

“Then… don’t hold back, beautiful,” I grinned and shoved my half sunk-in dick slowly deeper.

I honestly don’t know where that came from. I didn’t see it coming and neither did Kristanna.
She opened her eyes wide and took a deep breath, maybe in part because of getting impaled again. Her legs slipped from my waist and entangled my upper legs with her feet coming to rest on my calves, which left me feeling really close to her. The arms of my lover brushed over my chest and roamed through my hair there. Her expression was… stunned.
She murmured something in Norwegian absent-mindedly while staring into my face. That confident alien overmind, that must have possessed me then, reacted immediately.

“What was that?” I asked softly.

“Nothing import-ahh!”

When she started dodging the question, I pushed in the last centimeters of my dick and bottomed out. It was a soft, but firm move, just to make a point. Her gasp assured me that she took it the way it was intended.

“Try again,” I suggested.

“That way of torturing me isn’t terribly effective,” she sighed, smiling.

Instead of answering, I withdrew completely in a swift motion.

“No!” she whimpered. “Wait! I surrender! Please put it back in.”

She tried to pull me closer, but I wouldn’t have that. I just placed my cockhead at her opening and gave her enough pressure to feel it. Nothing more.

“Not fair,” she muttered. “I was just saying that I really worry about getting addicted to you.”

It didn’t feel like the complete truth, but I got the impression that she was afraid to elaborate it. And maybe I was, too. I nodded and pushed in the same way I withdrew before, with an amazing effect on her composure.
She immediately arched her upper body and her head fell back, while she gasped delightfully. Her insides fluttered along my shaft and made the experience intensive for both of us. I didn’t even try to suppress my moan.

After getting inside completely, her head came back up again and her eyes showed a fierce hunger. She gripped my neck to lift herself up for a quick, hard kiss and hissed:
“Now fuck me, lover. Make me cum over and over again and don’t stop until you blow your load into my hungry cunt.”

Yeah. She really had a knack for phrasing things in a way that would have turned the biggest gentleman into a horny Neanderthal… I fucking loved that!

When I withdrew almost completely she leaned back and when I entered again, she tensed and arched her back to push her boobs up into my chest. She didn’t even bother with waiting for me to pick up speed. She just started to enjoy the sensations. I followed suit.
Just simply and basically fucking Kristanna was something worth dying for. Her tight and wet pussy welcomed my every thrust as much as the rest of her body did. She pressed up against me, gripped my arms to hold on tight and whimpered in pleasure. It was so primal that I didn’t think twice about holding back anything. Like not moaning to loud or stuff.
The whole thing just turned out naturally and beautifully. Wonderful like the girl who had chosen me to be her boyfriend for a week.

Thrusting into her completely enraptured me and I gave in to that feeling. I got so obsessed about pushing into that wonderful body just once more before blowing my load that I simply missed the moment she started to get off herself.
She filled me in immediately.

“Aahhh, Mike!” she yelled. “Oh Gods, cum! Cum with me.”

I grunted and sped up my thrusts. I was already close, but not quite there.

“Can’t - hold - back!” she pressed through gritted teeth. “Cum! Please, please, please cum now!”

She screamed and as if she was controlling me by invisible strings, she took me with her. Her words, her writhing in pleasure, her ragged breathing and the twitching of her pussy around my dick brought me over the edge. Roaring in ecstasy, I rammed into her one last time and shot my load.

We stayed that way for a lifetime. Connected, bodies arched back, lost in mutual bliss.
After a while, I collapsed onto her and she took me into her arms. We were panting hard and our sweat mixed, but all that mattered was that we were together. I can’t express sufficiently how close to heaven I felt only because of her.
There was nothing to say for that moment, anyway. We were content to just stay with each other. I took her with me when turning onto my back again and even when I slipped out I kept her close. It can’t have been long until we were sound asleep.

I could have died that second and would have been happy.
Yet life and Kristanna had already made plans for me and I’m really glad I didn’t miss what they had in stock.



  1. Ich freue mich jedes Mal, wenn du eine neue Geschichte veröffentlich hast, aber diesmal...
    Ich könnte ausrasten vor Begeisterung, weil du (endlich!) einen zweiten Teil geschrieben hast!

    In the navy (teil 1 und 2) ist mitunter deine beste Geschichte. Sehr erregend, dabei auch sehr überzeugend und absolut glaubhaft: Aus eigener Erfahrung kann ich sagen, dass eine solche Frau dich (wenigstens als Mann) wirklich zum Tier werden und alle Zurückhaltung vergessen lässt.
    Dabei ist die Geschichte und irgendwie auch persönlich: Ich muss mich davon abhalten, dich zu fragen, ob die Geschichte auf wahren Ereignissen beruht. Aber ich tue es nicht und denk mir meinen Teil, zum Bespiel zu der Frage, warum der Charakter Mike heißt.

    Auch finde ich in the navy sprachlich (wieder) ausgezeichnet. Sehr lebendige Beschreibung seines Gefühlslebens, eine grandiose Art, seine Unfähigkeit zu passenden Beschreibungen zum Ausdruck zu bringen und sehr - berührende - Art und Weise, den Akt zu beschreiben. Geht unter die Haut.

    Daumen hoch, weiter so, schlaf nicht so viel, sondern arbeite lieber an der Fortsetzung :P (und wenn dein Job nicht gerade eine Motivationsquelle und Inspiration für deine Geschichten darstellt, würde ich anraten, dir mit dem Schreiben Brot und Lorbeeren zu verdienen. *zwinkert*)

    1. Yeah! Raste aus! So, wie du es tust, freue ich mich darüber riesig! ;-D

      Freut mich natürlich besonders, wenn auch meine englische Schreibe gut rüberkommt. Da wurschtele ich ja noch ein wenig, aber es wird, glaube ich.
      Was dein Feedback angeht, verstehe ich dich gut, denke ich. Es wird nicht überraschen, wenn ich einräume, mich an die Gefühle und Unsicherheiten dieses Charakters durchaus ganz real zu erinnern. Der Wahrheitsgehalt - um deine nicht gestellte Frage ein wenig zu beantworten - ist gewiss höher als in manch anderer Geschichte. Vielleicht vergleichbar mit G. E. (damit das dann gleich richtig paradox wirkt...)

      Was deinen Rat angeht: Lorbeeren kriege ich ja, aber ohne Brot ergeben die einen mageren Salat... Aber ich arbeite gewissermaßen an den Plänen für den Broterwerb. Auf meine Weise, die meine Geschichten frei verfügbar hält. :-D

    2. Was dein Englisch angeht, so ist es um Welten besser als meines. (Glücklicherweise verstehe ich aber alles, wenn auch nicht jedes einzelne Wort. Aber der Zusammenhang ist ja klar... ;)
      Also, wenn du der Meinung bist, mit der Sprache Probleme zu haben, so lehne ich mich jetzt einmal weit aus dem Fenster eines Glashauses, dass auf Glatteis erbaut wurde, und sage, dass auch Muttersprachler durchaus von deiner Eloquenz zu beeindrucken wären.

      In diesem Sinne: keep writing!

    3. Anders herum. Dein Englisch ist besser. Siehst du, bei mir hapert es schon im Deutschen oO

    4. Es munkelt ja wirklich so der eine oder die andere, dass es mit meinem Englisch nicht sooo schlecht ist. Deswegen erkunde ich den Bereich auch neuerdings genauer.
      Übung macht ja schließlich das Deutschländer-Würstchen, oder wie war das? :-D

  2. Es ist echt zu spät. Oder so. Kein weiterer Kommentar mehr.


  3. Really nice story, got me hard in an instant... ;)
    Too bad it's 2 years old, the ending almost promises another chapter, but i doubt there will be one...
    I wondered why a german author writes a story in english, but still uses german Bundeswehr as a setting, but i forgot that immediately when Kristanna and Aurora came on stage! :D
    BTW, i love that those women have a not-so usual name, adds a bit of magic to it. Or are these normal for northern europe?

    Is there a chance of a part three? An ebook to pay for? I'd buy it in an instant!
    Pretty please!