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Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

Art-Inspired Shorts - Sarah's Dreams - English

Sarah’s Dreams
A story about the deepest love imaginable
© 05/2014 Coyote/Kojote/Mike Stone

This story is dedicated to Dominik, my first and biggest Patron at Patreon.com, whose generosity still blows my mind. His contribution is huge and fucking awesome. To me he’s the living proof that not all Germans are miserly. I’m mighty thanful, bro! You’re awesome!

I also wanna say thank you to Benjamin, who also decided to support my dream via Patron. I’m asking for maybe a dollar a month and you decided to double that. You can be sure I’m absolutely grateful. Thanks for your support!


Just the story I see in the picture and all it’s little details - with some… bonus content at the end, so to speak.
Thanks to the artist for the permission to write a story about the picture!

Please be aware that this contains crazy tentacle stuff. Not of the rapey kind, more like consentacles, but still… You should be at least indifferent about that topic. Preferably better, since… well… I don’t wanna put a spoiler in here, but it’s crazy stuff for sure in comparison to my usual works.


Story inspired by the picture “Sarah’sDreams” of Pharmaslave at Hentai-Foundry.

Sarah woke up by the feeling of her foot touching warmth. She had been sleeping like a baby. She always did nowadays, especially on weekends. Waking up Sunday morning like this was awesome. From her first waking moment, it reminded her, how incredible and wonderful her life had become. Just because of… him.
Of course, Sundays were always great. No college, no work, not even friends to meet. She enjoyed sleeping in as long as she wanted. Or at least as long as she was really sound asleep. He had a knack for sensing when she was slowly drifting from the realm of dreams, so she could count on feeling his tender touch first thing in the morning.
Nothing to complain about, of course.

Lying on her side, she stretched her upper leg a little bit and pressed her toes against his warm skin. He knew she wasn’t sleeping anymore. He always knew, but she wanted to encourage him. She appreciated his never tiring willingness to spoil her and shower her with love, affection and caresses. No woman could wish for more in a partner.
Smiling, she felt his reaction to her soft prodding. She knew that he especially liked her invitations. She just didn’t get the chance very often, because he was so caring and eager. Usually he was all over her the moment she came home and didn’t waste a second to make her forget about everything from the outside world. Or they both were in a bit of a hurry in the morning, because she had to get up and ready.
She didn’t really get as much sleep as she once had been used to, which - again - wasn’t anything to complain about. What she got instead was just so much better than sleeping.

Sarah sighed and snuggled into her pillow when she felt his warm, well-lubricated touch at her foot. Her heart started beating a little bit faster, because she realized she was in for a treat making even the most professional massage pale in comparison. Nobody in the world could compete with his skill regarding that. When it came to massaging, he was a god.
She couldn’t discern the single touches at her sole and all around her toes. There was soft pressure being applied in a seemingly random fashion, but he knew perfectly about all the nerve clusters of the human body and could manipulate them systematically. Plus… the feeling of his slick, warm touch was just incredibly arousing to begin with.
He tended to every toe for minutes and concentrated on her foot until she started trembling from desire. Her memories gave her all those indications what could happen next. All those possible ways how he might move on from there, but she couldn’t know for sure which it would be. All would lead to her experiencing multiple orgasms, though. It was just her anticipation building, no doubts or worries at all diminishing the experience.

The feeling of lubricated skin gliding over its slick counterpart, and the soft suction of small kisses, elicited moan after moan from her. She realized she was exceptionally horny today. The last week had been strenuous and their quality time had been reduced. She almost chuckled when she realized that less than at least a good four to six hours a day in his embrace sent her into withdrawal. Apparently, she had become addicted to all the things he did with her.
A year back, she would have laughed, if somebody had told her that she needed to get fucked multiple times every day or she’d get antsy. She wouldn’t have denied that she might get addicted to hours of uninterrupted fondling, of course, but sex hadn’t been that high on her priority list. It just hadn’t been that good before she met him.
Now she just accepted it, though. She needed it badly every time she had to go for a few hours without. Studying or working had become a bit of a torture and waking up after a good nights rest was nice, but made her drool for his touch immediately. Literally, as she once again realized when her pussy started leaking onto her lower leg.

Fortunately, he understood her without speaking. She didn’t need to moan in a needful tone. She still did, but that was just her enjoying the freedom from restraint and inhibition. Unable to hold back, she raised her upper arm and edged the hem of her pink shirt up over her breasts. Once again, she wondered briefly, why she still bothered with putting on anything for sleeping. It only got in the way…
Then again, without at least a tee he would have had nothing to rip from her body the times he got really wild, which made her feel exhilaratingly wanted and deliciously violated at the same time. The possibility of that happening every once in a while made the effort of dealing with an additional piece of laundry every day absolutely worthwhile. Until now, she was used to doing the laundry way more often anyway.

Of course, her nipples were aching for a touch. Her body was long since accustomed to his ministrations and reacted immediately. The thought of feeling him on her little nubs later made her bite her bottom lip in anticipation, but for now, she would have to take care of that herself. He would clearly take his time and do everything to drive her crazy very slowly.
Usually he let her aid this purpose a bit, before he interfered. He would let her knead her firm breasts and play with her nipples for a short while, before asserting his dominance and restraining her. He knew perfectly well that she could reach a peak just from his caresses and herself twisting her nipples. His presence had clearly made her body much, much more receptive over time.

Today he apparently had other ideas than to let her get off easily for the first time. He just reached up and grabbed her wrist, taking control of her hand and holding it behind her back. She didn’t fight him, she knew better. Sometimes they both enjoyed her struggling furiously, but today was all about a slow approach building up into a massive explosion. Realizing that made her heart jump and beat twice as fast as before.
Ever so slowly, he started to work up higher on her leg, lifting it into the air and opening her thighs. A bit of a cool breeze brushed over her wet, naked pussy and made her shiver. It all but drowned in the trembling he produced with his expert massage on her calf, though.
He embraced her upturned leg and bent it at the knee. She felt his strong, warm body glide up further, until he touched her bottom, all of which just increased her anticipation. There was no way to tell what he was up to. He would just ignore any questions. He could be adorably bossy regarding his right to do with her as he pleased.

Thinking about it for a split second, she found her own willingness to submit to his manhandling curious. Sarah had always been sorta independent and proud, but he made her give in to everything eagerly. He had done things to her body, she still blushed from only thinking about. And he clearly did it for his pleasure. It was just that… his pleasure was her pleasure. He was most happy and satisfied when she was falling unconscious from countless orgasms. How could she even try to chide him for driving her crazy with lust?
Also, she just had to accept that he was the way he was. Before, she had always tried to… fix her boyfriends. To make them change into a person she deemed to be better suited. In a way, she had known that it wouldn’t work, but that’s the way people acted in relationships, right?
Well… not with him. He wasn’t just stubborn; he was oblivious to any arguments regarding his behavior. It was either taking him as he was or leaving him, and she couldn’t even stand the thought of the latter. Right at the beginning of their relationship she might have been freaked out a bit and tried to escape what could have been viewed as some kind of abduction. Since then she clearly came around.

When she felt his touch on her thighs, any thoughts about the past vanished. Deeply moaning, she snapped back into the present when he got nearer to her throbbing, needful pussy and her twitching sphincter. Soon he would fill either one of them or both. Which one she would have preferred, didn’t matter at all. It was his decision alone and it would be mind blowing as always.
Before meeting him, she would have chopped any guys balls off for even talking about anal sex, but with him she… kinda couldn’t decide what she liked more. He had this very special way to fuck her butt. It made her feel… owned by him. As if they became one. It was… crazy, but wonderful.
Of course, she really, really loved him entering her pussy. He could fill her up completely and hit thousands of the sweetest spots, making her cum as often as her racing heart beat. Still… she couldn’t possibly deny the fascination of the unique feeling of him penetrating her ass. Especially when he didn’t do much else, which intensified this experience greatly.
God… Hopefully he would do this today. He hadn’t in a whole week, for it usually took a long time. She really missed it, as crazy as that sounded.

As if he heard her thoughts - she long since suspected he actually could - she felt the lightest imaginably touch at her backdoor. It was just a tickle, like the brush of a fingertip, but it made her whole body tense up and stopped her breathing. He also stopped moving and it was as if he was asking without words if she would like to beg for more.
There wasn’t any thought about dignity when she whimpered pleadingly. This wasn’t about respecting the other. It was much more primal and in a way incredibly more honest. She couldn’t even dream about forming comprehensible words with her anticipation peaking, but she could whine and put all her desperate willingness and needful begging into that.
Then she could only scream in sheer ecstasy when he easily pushed his tip into her immediately relaxing asshole. She didn’t even need to concentrate on that - she possibly couldn’t have either, being completely enraptured by the feeling. Her body was so used to accommodate to him in every way that it happened automatically.

Having him enter her sphincter was unique in every way imaginable. Even without any former experiences, she was aware that it should hurt. He pushed something the size of about two fingers into a muscle intended to shut tight, after all. And he didn’t do it slowly.
Yet he was dripping with lubricant as always and the intruder wasn’t… rigid. It wasn’t exactly soft, either. It was… just perfect and grew wider only slowly. Her asshole didn’t have any problems accommodating, so she could fully concentrate on the incredible feeling of him gliding into her butt without ever stopping.
That was a huge part of the experience, of course. A normal man couldn’t do this at all. He would have to use his rather short fingers to widen things a bit and then work in the cockhead, followed by the rather rigid shaft. None of that was true for her lover, though. He wasn’t even remotely human.

Sarah arched her back, lying on the side. Her eyes were wide open for a while and she enjoyed the feeling of her lover’s longest appendage gliding into her ass. It went on for an eternity and still intensified, because he added more and more length to the penetration.
Desperately trying to hold on at least one coherent thought, she envisioned what happened there. His thicker limbs where all around her, holding her wrist and giving her something to grab with her hand or caressing her butt cheeks and lifting her upper leg. What she had come to refer to as his tool was thinner than them, though. His limbs were not too far away from her own legs in length and width, even though they were as flexible as tentacles could be and could extend if needed.

His dick - or more precisely dicks, because technically it was more than one - was something else, though. The pair of tentacles, each of which was about as wide as two or three of her fingers, except for the pointed tip, shared a common base in the middle of his dark blue body. They were usually partly coiled up and partly retracted in a way she hadn’t come to understand yet. She had tried to take a closer look, of course, but when she started touching him, she was only minutes away from getting thoroughly and wonderfully ravaged.
She knew the main tentacles of this appendage were amazingly long. She just got the proof of this right then. He had entered her through the backdoor and didn’t need long to reach depths, no human could even dream of. She felt the fascinating sliding deep inside her bowels and she knew he would work himself all the way through.
She had done some research and calculated a bit once, coming to the conclusion that his dicks had to be at least ten meters long.

There weren’t any thoughts about disgust anymore. Her bowels were as clean as anything inside a body could be, since she didn’t need to eat anymore. Her lover fed her with what could be thought to be his semen and after she had gotten used to it - the sweet, rich taste strongly helping with that - she didn’t mind anymore. She wasn’t studying medicine or biology, but she clearly felt that her overall health condition had improved, so she didn’t worry.
Without the need to think about stuff like that, her mind was free to focus on the experience itself. Obviously the human body wasn’t meant to feel touch so deep inside. Obviously, something had changed that, for she clearly did nonetheless. Obviously, that was his doing and quite frankly, she was thankful.
There wasn’t anything to compare to the feeling of slimy tentacles moving through the guts. It was intrusive to the maximum. It literally reached her very core, which she had grown to deeply cherish. As long as she would be able to do so, she moaned and gasped in pure bliss.

When the first tip of the two different tentacles penetrating her reached the gate of her stomach, she held her breath. This was a feeling she always tried to concentrate on. It was quite similar to the slightly painful, but ultimately exhilarating experience of him entering her womb. He pried her open deep inside and moved on, making her whole body shake violently from the friction where nature hadn’t planed for that.
Shortly thereafter, she felt the touch crouching up her esophagus, which had been hardest to accommodate to. Something moving up there had been a bad thing to happen for twenty years of her life. Now it was signaling the full body penetration she experienced reaching its climax. This thought alone helped her to fight any instinctive reaction, which in turn just heightened the pleasure she derived from it.
It wasn’t natural - not in any way the word could be interpreted - to have a tentacle move into her backdoor and feel its tip caressing her tongue a long while later. Still it was divine to return this kind of odd kiss and play hide and seek with then two of the tips in her mouth. Also, she clearly felt from the trembling of her lover that he was thoroughly enjoying the massage she gave him in return for his treatment.

When the two tentacle tips slipped past her lips and made her drool onto the mattress, Sarah groaned in a thoroughly muffled way and finally relaxed. Her body was glistening with sweat and the whole ordeal had taken anything between one and two hours, as she knew from previous experiences. She couldn’t care less, but still… which human male took that long to just prepare a woman for the fun to get started?
Maybe it wasn’t healthy to have the heart beat two hundred times per minute for so long, but she didn’t give a damn. She was his to play with as he pleased and if that hurt her dignity or her womanly rights, she couldn’t care less. She just fucking loved this!

Fully relaxed, she rested her head on the mattress and let the drool drip out of her mouth. It didn’t matter the least. She would soon be coated in deliciously sweet spunk from head to toe anyway. It would fill up her insides - both where she was stuffed so good right now and where her body screamed for just a little bit of attention between her thighs. She wouldn’t be able to lick it all up, but that just provided for a perfect, sloppy Sunday she could spend writhing in all kinds of mixed sexual fluids and always have a little, energizing snack to lick up at hand.
Before all of that happened, though, she would get her chance to make her lover cum. This was clearly part of the uniqueness of the experience and she looked forward to it. Usually he kinda decided when he wanted it to happen, but she knew she could take this decision away from him when he fucked her all the way through.
The moment he started pumping, making his tentacles pulse in a slow rhythm inside of her and bringing her body to start shaking again from the sensation, she returned the favor. The easiest way to stimulate him was swallowing. It clearly got through to him, judging from the way his other tentacles tightened their grip and he slid closer to cover more of her body with his wonderfully slimy flesh.
Over time, she also had learned more tricks. She could make more of her insides tense and massage him, if she really concentrated, which was the hard part of it. Naturally, it developed into a lovely, little fight over who could get the other off faster.

Sarah knew that he could easily win this race. Sometimes he just rammed one of his thick limb-like tentacles into her pussy and she would start cuming without any chance to fight it back. Just a brush over her love button or even her nipples could easily get her off now. Even a hard squeeze of her buttocks or a bit of chocking at her throat usually did the trick.
Most of the time he didn’t cheat, though. He apparently enjoyed playing by the rules in this situation. She even suspected him to like loosing this game, which didn’t stop him from making it a tough fight, of course.

Fully concentrated on her insides, she closed her eyes and focused on pleasuring her inhuman lover. Apart of everything else, this experience made her feel incredibly close to him emotionally. He was all the way through her body and they massaged each other without many outward movements. ‘Intimate’ didn’t even start to describe the feeling.
Swallowing and moving the muscles inside her lower body, she still could enjoy the pulsing of his tentacles and let her mind just wander. This could take hours, which wasn’t only fine with her, but in a way, what she desired. She wouldn’t have minded never parting from him again.
Today he had other ideas, though…

When his tentacles inside of her started sliding again, she opened her eyes wide. In the very first moment she almost panicked, because she didn’t want him to retreat. Yet, he didn’t pull back. He pushed forward, making the tips of his entangled tentacles move farther out of her mouth. That was… new!
Breathless and all off sudden again filled with mental and physical anticipation, she waited for whatever he had in stock. She tensed up again, but kept her throat as relaxed as possible. She couldn’t resist grabbing it with her free hand from the outside, though. Feeling the movement right underneath the skin was something else, especially since the tentacle was a bit wider now and undulated through the tight canal.
It clearly bulged her throat over and over again and she couldn’t stop groaning from feeling that with her hand. It was just crazy… and unbelievably hot!

Distracted by feeling her throat getting fucked from the inside, Sarah didn’t really pay close attention to the tentacles extending from her mouth. She was aware of the nice gliding of the flesh over her lips and instinctively held them close enough to savor the sensation, but she didn’t really focus on what the tips did. Until they found their next target, that was…
The young college student with the boyfriend from god-knows-where-but-certainly-not-from-earth wasn’t very easy to surprise anymore. She had been subjected to tentacle rape, which had brought her such incredibly overwhelming pleasures that she had fallen in love with her assailant after about thirty-six hours of almost non-stop fucking - and climaxing. She fed on sperm, was used to getting fucked all the way through her body and had accepted her growing addiction to sex.
Still she found out every once in a while that her lover had another ace in his sleeve. Which made him even more adorable, but probably would kill her one day from cardiac arrest or so…

When the tentacles coming from above coiled around her pert breasts and sucked down on her nipples, while squeezing her boobs hard, she had to breathe in deeply through her nose. Her eyes went wide and she would have screamed, if she hadn’t been gagged so thoroughly. All she got was a split second of forewarning, before a violent orgasm shattered her very soul.
Her body arched all by itself. She couldn’t control it anymore. She just tensed and her muscles reacted accordingly. What made this truly remarkable was him supporting it and lifting her even further, just by the strength of the tentacle-dicks penetrating her body. There weren’t sufficient words in any language to describe this experience. Safe from one - she started flying!

Again, she was close to panicking for a moment. She lost touch with anything and her arms and legs were involuntarily twitching and flailing. Fortunately, she wasn’t alone and could count on her lover. His larger tentacles got a hold of her limbs and coiled around them. She grabbed the beloved flesh frantically and held on for dear life.
After the first wave of ecstasy had taken her to the wonderland of ecstasy and back, she got a short respite. He stopped moving his tentacle-cocks and halted the suction on her over-sensitive nubs. Instead, he tightened his grip on her, still supporting her up in the air. Her legs got entwined with his strong tentacles and the same happened to her arms. With trembling hands, she returned the affectionate squeezing she received.

She wasn’t ready to proceed, but that was a feeling she already knew. After her first, usually pretty explosive orgasm, she never felt ready. She was eager and longing for more, but she also instinctively feared the intensity. Good thing she hadn’t any say in how often she would cum or from what kind of stimulation.
The feeling of being completely and irrevocably in his hands was something new, though. She didn’t stand a chance. She didn’t want to deny him anything, but hovering above her bed made her feel the loss of control even more pronounced. That he went all the way through her added to the feeling, of course.
She was helplessly at his mercy and there was no way to deny that or rationalize it. When this thought hit home, she came right again, even though it was much softer than before. This time she could actually enjoy the experience of her girl-cum splashing out of her pussy and drenching her legs, his tentacles and probably half of the bed underneath. She didn’t care for all the clean up later. Her mind was certainly occupied.

Apparently, she was really in for a special treat this time, since he started moving his tentacles through her body right again. Her sensitiveness had greatly increased from her climaxes and she felt every centimeter of the contorted tentacles entering her backdoor. It even felt as if he added another one, noticeably increasing the width of the intrusion and almost pushing her over the edge right again.
He was trembling from excitement, which made the flesh moving through her insides vibrate deliciously. It seemed as if he had picked up her fascination for the undulation under her skin and now did it on purpose, making her feel him everywhere inside, but especially in her throat. It was divine!
Beyond her lips, she now felt him move farther down with the tips, trailing little, sucking kisses all over her belly. He didn’t let go of her breasts, though. The farther he went, the more of his tentacles slithered around her sensitive mounds, squeezing them softly. He even extended little tendrils from them - a trick she had been introduced to only a short while ago - and coiled those around her nipples, which really drove her mad. Those tiny, little, nimble things were incredibly thin and could constrict her nubs in the most delicate fashion. It was so intense, it almost bordered being painful, but not quite…

Sarah rapidly was reduced to be a drooling bitch in heat. She was a sleeve for a set of tentacle-cocks and she loved it more than anything. She started loosing her grip on reality and sanity when his tentacles reached her gushing pussy - carefully avoiding any contact with her love button, which screamed for attention. In the back of her mind, she knew that he was saving this for a little bit later. And she knew it would hit her like a freight train.
Before that happened, he brought her off a third time - a little harder than before, but not quite as nerve wracking as the first time - with sucking at her labia. Just like that, she came again from only those light kisses - in addition to all the other unbelievably pleasurable things he did to her.
She felt and even heard him slurping up what she squirted out uncontrollably. She even felt a pang of embarrassment for the obscene display of her depravity. And a considerably stronger jolt of pride and joy for serving him so much of the fluids he craved for. It was the least she could do for her incredible lover.

Then she realized that he had reached to point where he had started. The tips of two of his tentacles were exactly where their bases entered her body. The third one had just reached her esophagus and snaked its way further up, tangibly stretching her throat. She groaned from the sensation and tried to suck in enough air through her nose not to loose consciousness. Her whole body was long since past trembling. She violently twitched over and over from all the things happening.
He chose exactly that moment to make his last move in his attempt to drive her completely crazy. She already knew it would happen, but she couldn’t have envisioned how it would feel. It was the very first time he was all the way through her and still could use his dicks on her pussy. Usually it would have been one of his stronger, but ultimately less agile limbs.

She was ready. God, she was more than that. She was far beyond readiness and would have offered her live and soul in return for him doing it. However, she didn’t have to. He didn’t need any more invitation to finally stuff her womanhood with his flesh.
She screamed when he rammed his two tentacles home with considerable force. It wasn’t gentle, it was greedy. He could barely keep himself from tearing her apart with the brutal strength of his tentacles. He needed to fuck her now and she was game, even though her opinion didn’t matter anymore.
Every orgasm she ever had - including all the countless ones he had given her - paled in comparison to the one she experienced now. Every single nerve ending in her body cringed. The insurmountable pleasure exploding inside of her raced through her body and set her on fire. It was incredibly painful in the most rewarding way. Indescribable. Incomprehensible. And still she didn’t loose consciousness. Instead, she felt as if she became even more aware of what happened to her.

His assault on her pussy forced him to push more of his tentacles through her guts fast. Now he really fucked her whole body from her asshole through her mouth and into her quivering snatch. He didn’t even stop to let her brace herself for the breaking of her wombs seal. He just pushed through.
Sarah came with every heartbeat again and again. It was as if high voltage surged through her. It sure felt like she would die from this, but in a way she frantically welcomed. He filled her pussy and womb with his flesh until her belly bulged. He went through her until his third tentacle reached her love button and sucked down on it so hard, it felt like biting. He maimed her tits and the tendrils felt like cutting into her nipples. Her throat felt like bursting, as did her whole lower body.
And then… then he tensed and almost ripped her apart. Then he… came like never before!

Keenly aware of everything in a way she had never experienced, Sarah felt something stretch her sphincter wide. Something moved inside of one of his tentacles. Something as large as her fist or so. It entered her bowels and then it happened right again two times. Each of the three tentacles now had one of those huge bulges move upward.
Something inside of her head told her that this was special. This wasn’t just a large glob of spunk she would get flooded with. It felt like… eggs. He… he would. He would impregnate her!

Her thrashing didn’t have anything to do with consent. She didn’t have control over her cramping body anymore. Physically she was getting killed from countless climaxes. Mentally though… God, she couldn’t even comprehend how much she wanted this. He was her lover and also her master. If he wanted her to bear his offspring… Hell, yes!
The bulges moved through her body and intensified her painful series of orgasms. Her insides weren’t built for something the size of those eggs to move through, but he had prepared her well. Where another woman had died from the pain, she only felt pleasure. Even when the first egg passed through her throat, bulging it beyond belief, she loved it.
Most of all she loved the part when one after the other entered her pussy and squeezed through the seal of her womb, though. It was as if she was giving birth in reverse and made her really feel receiving. No microscopic egg and swig of cum bullshit only showing its effects months later, but impregnation without the slightest doubt. Her belly immediately distended into a huge pregnancy bulge, which admittedly was at least in part coming from the mass of tentacles inside of her.

What happened right after this ordeal, when her body took the chance to slow down and recover from the ordeal, even though she technically didn’t quite stop climaxing, sealed her fate forever. She hadn’t been asked for her consent and she wouldn’t have held a grudge against him for that. At least not a big one…
When he extracted his third - and for sure pretty new - tentacle from her pussy, where she hadn’t even noticed it went, to reach up for her face and caress her cheek, she surrendered even her last shred of independence to him. He cared for her in a way incomprehensible for a mere human. He was in her mind and knew her thoughts. He had waited for her to be ready and actually long for this to happen, even though she didn’t realize consciously. And now he even asked for her final admission, before he did what was his nature.

‘Yes,’ she thought. ‘Yes, Yes, Yes!’

Only after she really gave her permission he started flooding her with his loads of semen, but it was much more than ever before. She felt it somehow… get deeper into her as should anatomically possible, reaching her center of femininity somehow. As crazy as that sounded, she felt it even above her womb.
She also felt it gush out of her pussy as well, of course. It mixed with her own squirting girl-cum and drenched the bed - maybe even the floor of the bedroom - in white goo. When he slowly lowered her onto the bed again, she found herself lying in a pool of spunk, but even that didn’t bother her anymore.
She lost it right then, falling unconscious from exhaustion and renewed ecstasy in his tight grip. Yet she didn’t fall into the darkness, but got carried away into sleep in a loving embrace, while her body was filled to the brim with alien spunk and alien offspring.

Hours or maybe even days later, she woke up and briefly wondered if it all had been a dream. Feeling the embrace of all the large and small tentacles of her lover allayed her fears a little bit. At least she hadn’t dreamt having an alien tentacle monster as her boyfriend. But… had he become more than that?
Weaker then ever before from the exertion, she felt for her belly and gasped in astonishment. There it was and it felt like a nine months pregnancy bulge already. Tears of joy welled up in her eyes and his tightening, loving embrace only worsened this.
God, she was going to be a mother. She already felt this to be true. However it was possible, there was something of her being part of her three babies. Her three lovely, little tentacle monsters, which were slowly maturing inside of her.
A dream, she hadn’t even realized having, just had come true.

“Hold me tight,” she sighed with a smile. “Daddy…”